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We help bookkeeping professionals forget about mundane work, and focus on actions that bring even more value.

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About Fyn

Fyn is an invoice parsing tool to help bookkeeping professionals parse invoices with the reliability they expect.

Back in 2018, two of our co-founders, both seasoned company managers, realized to their great surprise that there was no reliable parsing solution on the market. Despite their efforts to digitize their accounts payable, it was almost impossible using existing tools. The more their company grew, the more their accountant spent time encoding their invoices.

As they were already working with kick-ass AI engineers, they all started to research the reasons why was no solution capable of parsing invoices. They understood why current solutions were limited and how they could develop a better solution. Altogether, the team decided to take on this challenge and develop Fyn.

One year later, thanks to the hard work, support and recognitions from accounting experts and investors, Fyn was born.

The tool is now the only tool capable of reading invoices like a human does, with human accuracy, in real time.

We have received funding from the Brussels Innovation Agency and private investors.
Founded in 2016. We are a spin-off from Kantify, an AI company with a track record of beating state of the art solutions.
9 nationalities represented in the fully geographically distributed team.
Nominated AI company of the year 2019 (by the Data Innovation Summit)

Who we are

Fyn is first of all composed of highly talented individuals. Each day, we are learning and making our best to go beyond what exists. This culture of learning and self development is facilitated by our remote working environment.

Our HQ is based in Brussels, the capital city of Europe, but our team is based in various countries. We interact each day and know in real time the state of progress.

At Fyn, we believe that a great working environment is the key to happiness and excellence. After a few years of existence, this belief is still true.

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