Fyn, the free document extraction tool, launches in beta!

After several months of private beta testing, Fyn is launching in open beta

Why Fyn

While software is eating the world, a shocking amount of human labor goes into transcribing documents (e.g. think of financial documents such as invoices and receipts) into a computer-readable format. While this work of transcribing is boring and repetitive for humans, it is still a hard problem for computers.

To solve this problem, we have been hard at work developing Fyn. Fyn is a tool that eliminates boring, repetitive manual transcription of documents into structured, computer-readable formats.

Clearly, we aren't the first one to tackle this challenge, but a couple of things make us very different from other solutions.

What makes Fyn unique

Rather than hard-coding rules to recognize certain templates, Fyn reads documents the way a human does, meaning it can also extract content from templates it has never seen. This is important, because most documents have many, many different formats, meaning template-based approaches require continuous human labor to ensure they work well. Fyn is the opposite: the more examples it sees, the better it works.

Even though Fyn is still in its infancy and hasn't seen many documents yet, it's still capable of "generalizing" - that's machine learning speak for "capable of extracting content from templates it has never seen before". You can think of Fyn like a baby Superman who is already more powerful than some traditional invoice reading solutions.

What's in the Beta

  • Documents you can extract: Our open beta allows you to extract the content of french, European style invoices for free
  • Speed: An extraction is usually done in less than 10 seconds per document.
  • Output: The extracted content is available either in a json format, or in a ubl xml format, which can directly be imported in most accounting software.
  • User Interface: You can either use our dashboard or our API to upload documents and view the results.
  • Pricing: All extractions are free-of-charge during the beta!

What's next

  • Improving the detection quality: The beta is only trained on a tiny amount of invoices. We're working with select partners to expand our training set, so you should see further improvements of the engine in the next weeks and months.
  • More languages: We'll expand the engine's language skills soon.
  • More documents: We'll be working on extracting the content of receipts next - never again will you have to manually encode restaurant expenses!
  • More ways to parse a document: We'll be adding the possibility to send us documents through email, which should further reduce the friction of using Fyn for personal use.
  • More dashboard capabilities: We'll add the possibility to visualize the extracted results on the dashboard, and correct any mistakes or omissions in the extraction.

Want to use Fyn?

You can now register an account and get started easily. If you're looking to fine-tune the engine for your specific need, we would love to hear from you: you contact us here!

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