Fyn Update: 2020-01

Document extraction, visual corrections, and much more

We have been adding a few new features to Fyn in these two last weeks, and we're excited to share our progress so far!

Document Classification

Fyn is now capable of detecting the type of document you are sending to it! More specifically, our solution helps you to group together documents that belong together: invoices with invoices, receipts with receipts, etc. We are continuing our commitment to follow the UBL specifications, and all the document types we generate will follow the UBL specs. Here's are the document types we are recognizing in this release.

Type Description Specs
invoice A document used to request payment. 1
receipt_advice A document used to describe the receipt of goods and services. 2
other All other documents.

We will be adding additional classes in the near future!

Please note: we currently still only extract the content of invoices.

Visual interface for correcting extractions

Not all extractions are perfect - especially in the beta phase of a product. You can now use the web interface to submit a correction of an extraction.

View extracted documents

Fyn's web interface will now display the pages of the document you uploaded - making it much easier to do a visual inspection of the extraction we generated.

Want to use Fyn?

You can now register an account and get started easily. If you're looking to fine-tune the engine for your specific need, we would love to hear from you: you contact us here!

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