achieve unrivaled productivity

Fyn is the solution to transforming your accounting workflow


Digitize and search your invoices

Fyn uses AI to read scanned invoices, so there's no need to print them out for manual encoding. Just upload your invoices on Fyn's secure cloud platform and never lose track of them again.

Structure your data in an accouting-friendly format

Fyn converts unstructured and structured data from your uploaded invoices into the internationally recognized standard UBL, and structured and searchable data such as JSON, CSV or XLS.


Save time

Save yourself more time with Fyn's ability to detect and extract data fields 100 times faster than humans. Fyn makes your work easier by easily scaling to answer heavy, temporary workloads.

Reduce cost

Your accountants can now focus on other more value‑creating missions making use of the invoice data extracted automatically.


Software that continuously improves

Fyn is an intelligent software that looks at the invoice as a whole and understands the context around the data to extract specific invoice fields. Whereas traditional solutions need to be programmed to recognize fields, and are lost with new formats, Fyn has learned to understand invoices like a human. And like a human, it becomes even better with time.

Software that scales

Traditional OCR solutions work with templates. They are trained to recognize specific formats of invoices, and need to be retrained every time a new invoice format enters your account payables. This costs time and can induce errors and hours of double checking. Thanks to machine learning, Fyn requires no templates. It just understands any new format of invoices. As a result, it can scale in the snap of a finger. For Fyn, new suppliers and invoice formats are just business as usual. This is also why there is no set-up cost.


Superhuman Accuracy

Manual data entry and existing invoice parsing solutions are prone to error. Fyn automates this process at superior level of accuracy in quasi real‑time at a much larger scale.

Unparalleled Reliability

Fyn checks whether parsed invoices contain errors so you do not need to. You can trust the results we provide to you to be correct. Furthermore, Fyn uses the highest safety standards so your data is well protected. It is also fully GDPR compliant.


Plays well with Accounting Packages

Fyn's structured UBL data outputs such as XMLs are compatible with and can be read by many accounting software packages. To facilitate a direct connection to popular accounting solutions, FYN will continue to grow to accommodate and integrate with your accounting workflow through our secured pipeline.

Easy-to-use API

It's quick and simple to implement Fyn into your own system with our easy to use API (Application Programming Interface) which is an intermediary to give another application access to Fyn. This allows for the seamless integration of our automated data capture into ERPs and accounting software.


All-in-one dashboard and user-friendly interface

Upload, track progress, connect, and manage your invoices through our user‑friendly online web platform with an intuitive dashboard. The interface provides you with a clear overview of all your documents and the quality of the invoice parsing such as detecting and indicating anomalies in the invoice details and essential elements.

A smart assistant

Fyn can detect and indicate anomalies in the invoice details and essential fields. If your supplier made a mistake, Fyn can spot it for you!