Our Pricing

A complete platform for invoice parsing with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing
0.10€ per invoice
Free during beta
Until the 30th of June 2020
Simple, super competitive pricing
No setup, monthly or hidden fees
Pay only for what you use
Real time fee reporting
Quality guaranteed: the parsing is correct or you get your money back
A custom package for your business

Available for businesses with a large volume or unique business model

All the advantages of the integrated package
Volume discounts

How much would you save with Fyn

We estimate you would save

€360,000 / year
Based on an estimated current cost of €480,000 / year and an estimated cost through Fyn of €120,000 / year . We assume each invoice contains 2.5 pages on average.

Which kind of company do you work for?

How many invoices do you treat each month?

How do you currently treat your invoices?

How many invoices does one member of staff treat per hour?

How much do you pay your encoding staff per hour?

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